Galicia is already a regular sightseeing. Vigo offers many venues where to organize seminars. It has already hosted numerous events in different sectors such as fisheries, canned fish or car industry. In addition, we rely on the different infrastructures in Galicia, which have enable holding medicine or law seminars, as well as major sporting events such as the Volvo Ocean Race or Marisquiño. Muéstralo has been the organizer of many seminars and events held in Vigo, highlighting its extensive knowledge of the various venues, such as the Palacio de Congresos in Mar de Vigo or A Foundation auditorium. Muéstralo has specialized in both seminars and symposia where new technologies as well as care in the selection of hotel and catering services are the key to the success of these meetings.

XXVIII Une’s Annual Meeting

More than 70 members of the Spanish University Editorials Association (UNE) celebrated in Vigo its annual meeting from the 12nd to the 14th of November 2009.



2nd International Symposium on Fishing Vessel Eficiency. This symposium aims to be a forum where experts will present the latest advances in research and development aimed at improving the energy efficiency of fishing vessels and systems.

1st Congree on the Reconquest of Vigo

In the second centenary of the "Reconquest", Vigo received this Congress that was trying to help to interpret the motives and consequences, the transcendency finals of this event, in the frame of the Napoleonic wars and of the social, political and economic transformations that they affected to Europe in the dawn of the XIXth century.

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