STOCKAXE – Stock Clearance Fair

After 3 editions, STOCKAXE has already become a benchmark within the trade.
The fair, which began in 2008 with enthusiasm, humility and a strong commitment to the sector, is now unavoidable fall date in Ifevi.

Stock Clearance Exhibition

Stockaxe shows a wide range of products belonging to fashion for women, men and kids, shoes and accessories as bags or costume jewelry, decoration, household goods, or computer products.
These between others, are some of the first brands stocks that stores from Vigo sell at clearance sale prices.

Vulcano escapes bankruptcy after the Pymar joining to the creditors meeting

The entity has approved a discount of the 80% of the shipyard debt, that appreciate companies, administrations and workers their implication.
Bran “in extremis”.
Vulcano has just avoided its closure after the Pymar decision of join their creditors meeting. The council members set up by shipyards and Government and Regional administrations had discussed strongly about thi, this morning in Madrid.
The decision means that Pymar, main Vulcano creditor, accept a 80% reduction of the debt. The other 20% will be recovered through a payment plan that will finish in 2024.
Administration wanted to announce their engagement with the Galicia naval sector and had remember that they had awarded Vulcano with 1093 millions Euros of guarantee since 1990. Board of directors of the shipyard appreciates in a communiqué the behaviour of Pymar, workers, Company Committee and auxiliary brands.
Source: La Voz de Galicia

NAVALIA expected to gather 500 people in the industry from 75 countries worldwide

The organization hopes to match the naval resurgence of Vigo.
The organizing committee of the biennial fair estimated Navalia will finally bring about 500 companies of shipbuilding from five continents in the contest to be held late next May at the exhibition centre in Vigo (Ifevi) as La Voz told the managing director of Navalia, Javier Arnau. The exhibition, which is poised to be the second largest after Conxemar by the number of exhibitors and countries represented, was held at the exhibition centre of Cotogrande between 22 and 24 May, with a clear internationalized (companies are expected more than 75 countries) and trying to cover as many related sub-sectors.
Navalia wants to take the start of an emerging counter in the world shipbuilding industry, which tentatively begins to trace a black biennium. Thus, compared to the Spanish situation, paralyzed by the inability to recruit new units until they resolve the tax lease or bonus system for shipbuilding in many other countries affected by the economic crisis there is a real zeal for building new ships. This happens in territories such as Russia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, India and Panama. The types of ships are different in each country listed, but the common denominator is that all of them, although in different amounts, require new ships and the many companies that make up the Galician naval industry want to make this impending revival of the sector worldwide.

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